Our paramount service is guiding high-caliber entrepreneurs and investors like you through the intricate yet highly rewarding process of securing a second residence.


Dual Residencies

At our core lies our promise of helping high-caliber entrepreneurs and investors navigate the complex and rewarding process of purchasing second properties.
Why is second residency the cornerstone of our offerings? Because purchasing an additional residence should not just be seen as a means to an end; rather it should be seen as an investment with multiple benefits that go well beyond convenience. Owning another place provides more security and stability in one area than it might in another - second residency can truly transform lives, providing fiscal, personal, and professional advantages that go well beyond mere convenience.

Be clear; Acquiring a second residence is not a universal solution or an instantaneous purchase decision.

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The Benefits for a Second Residence

Global Lifestyle

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A second residence isn't just a visa; it’s a doorway to the world. Whether you aspire to live, work, or retire in another country, acquiring a second residence is the foundational step toward making that dream a reality.

Tax Optimization

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A second residence is not synonymous with tax residency, although it sets the stage for it. Once you secure a residency permit, you unlock the potential for smarter tax planning, creating new avenues for wealth preservation.

Asset and Risk Diversification

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By participating in some of the residence programs, you are often invited, or sometimes mandated, to invest in your new home country. This is not merely a requirement but an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio geopolitically, insulating your wealth from economic volatility.


The Smart Move: Understanding Second Residences with Emifast

The Real Deal About Temporary and Permanent Residencies

Temporary Residencies

More Than Just a Foothold


This varies by country. You might get one year in some places, while others might offer up to five years or more

Days in the Country

Most countries require you to stay a certain number of days to keep your second home. For example, a few days a year are enough in places like Panama or Colombia.

The Next Step

Often, temporary residency is the first step toward getting a permanent one.

Mostly Permanent

Usually, a "permanent" residency means just that. You almost never have to renew it.


The U.S. can be tricky. You could lose your permanent status if you don't live there most of the year.

No Strings Attached

With a program like Greece's Golden Visa, invest $250,000 in property and get a "real" permanent residency—with no strings attached. Plus, no taxes if you don't live there.In short, rules can be vastly different depending on where you're looking to move.

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Having a Residence Permit ≠ Tax Obligations or Benefits

How to Become a Tax Resident

The Sweet Spot: Low-Tax or No-Tax Countries

Putting it All Together