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Tax Advice

Tax Advice

From tax planning to strategic advice, our solutions are tailored to help drive your success and realize your vision. Rely on us to facilitate growth and bring it all to fruition.


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Over 1000 companies have trusted our expert services and strategic solutions to reduce taxes by over $45 Million. By working together, we unlock valuable resources to drive business success for them all.

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Tax Advice

Tax Advice

Tax compliance is of great significance to business owners; failure to do so could result in fines, damage to their reputation and credibility, as well as fines imposed by tax authorities.

Emifast Tax Consulting Group provides reliable tax compliance, strategic advice, and tax liability reduction.

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VAT registration and declaration

Tax compliance and planning

Resolution of tax disputes


Why Tax Consulting is Important for Your Business

Compliance with VAT and tax regulations in Dubai is vitally important for businesses, as failing to do so could result in penalties, fines, or legal actions against the entity in question. In 2017, the UAE created a Federal Tax Authority (FTA), responsible for overseeing implementation of VAT and excise tax regulations throughout the country - VAT rates currently stand at 5% on most goods and services sold within its borders; VAT consulting can offer other advantages as well - this may include:

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Avoiding sanctions and jurisdictional consequences
Improving financial management and planning
Building trust and reputation with stakeholders

At our team of experts, we recognize the significance of VAT and tax compliance for businesses in Dubai. Our comprehensive VAT and tax consulting services ensure your organization meets all regulatory requirements, from registration, record keeping and submission of VAT returns through to ongoing support and advice to ensure ongoing compliance. Please reach out today to learn more about these services!