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Business Structures Dubai

We share an ambitious goal to break away from traditional business structures and propel companies towards unparalleled financial efficiency. Guiding our services with integrity and open communication, our premium business start-up services aim to foster extraordinary growth for your organization. Join us on the path toward unparalleled success and open doors of opportunity for growth for your organization!


Freezone Companies

Dubai free zone companies allow 100% foreign ownership and tax exemption. Entrepreneurs wishing to establish one must apply with the respective authority, secure a license, and adhere to legal requirements in order to meet set criteria for formation.

These companies gain access to world-class infrastructure and facilities, with expedited permit processes. Different free zones cater to specific sectors, enabling entrepreneurs to select their ideal free zone based on their goals.


Establishing a Free Zone Company in Dubai can be transformative for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses in the UAE. Offering 100% foreign ownership and control, such companies can operate without needing local sponsors or partners for support.

On top of that, businesses benefit from no corporate or personal income taxes - creating an environment conducive to growth and development.

Customs duty exemption provides businesses looking to import goods from abroad with an added level of savings and ease.


Your Advantages

Dubai's Free Zones provide businesses, both new and established, access to world-class infrastructure and logistics services - creating the ideal setting for them to flourish, from opening bank accounts quickly to acquiring licenses quickly.

100% foreign ownership and control

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Free Zone companies offer a unique business setup that allows individuals or entities to enjoy 100% foreign ownership and control of their businesses.

No corporate or income tax

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Businesses operating within these designated economic zones are not required to pay taxes on their profits or personal earnings.

Exemption from customs and excise duties

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Companies operating within these designated zones are not required to pay import or export duties on their goods.

Access to world-class infrastructure and logistics services

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Free Zones are strategically equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, making them ideal for businesses looking to establish a presence in the region.


Mainland company

In Dubai, establishing a mainland company involves setting up a business in the city's commercial areas. Entrepreneurs can benefit from this method of incorporation as it gives them 100% ownership and access to a wider range of commercial licensing activities. The capital required to set up a business on the mainland is also relatively lower compared to other regions in the UAE, making it an attractive option for companies looking to set up in Dubai.

When setting up a business on the mainland, entrepreneurs must follow certain Department of Economic Development (DED) guidelines. This includes choosing an appropriate business structure and obtaining the necessary approvals before starting commercial activities. Companies wishing to carry out different types of commercial activities are advised to seek expert advice on their specific requirements before proceeding with establishing a business.



100% foreign ownership allowed

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Unlike many other locations, Dubai's mainland allows you to retain full ownership and control of your business, opening doors for international investors to fully manage their ventures.

Access to wider market within UAE

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A mainland company provides access to the entire UAE market, allowing you to expand your business and reach a broader customer base across all emirates, increasing growth potential.

Doing business with government agencies

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Mainland companies have the advantage of bidding for government contracts and participating in public tenders, presenting lucrative opportunities for those looking to collaborate with government entities.

No minimum capital required

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Dubai's mainland does not impose a minimum capital requirement, offering flexibility for businesses to allocate their resources according to their unique needs and business plans.


Types of onshore businesses in Dubai

Limited Liability Company

Civil Company

Sole Proprietorship

Our onshore company formation services in Dubai

Our Dubai Mainland business incorporation services offer tailor-made solutions for your company's unique needs. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to final registration. We understand that every business has specific requirements and we work closely with you to ensure that all your needs are met.


Offshore company

An offshore company in Dubai refers to a business entity located in a designated offshore jurisdiction within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Offshore jurisdictions are specific areas within a country that offer a favourable tax and regulatory environment for businesses.


Offshore company

Dubai is an ideal location for offshore business start-ups because of its business-friendly environment, tax advantages and strategic location. With free zones like Ajman offering unique incentives and a streamlined approach to setting up a business, entrepreneurs can benefit from lower costs and greater flexibility in managing their operations. Moreover, no income or corporate taxes are levied on offshore companies operating in these free zones, allowing companies to realize significant savings while meeting the highest compliance requirements.



A business-friendly environment

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Dubai's government actively supports businesses, fostering innovation and growth.

Tax benefits

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Dubai offers competitive corporate tax rates and, notably, no personal income tax.

Strategic location

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Positioned at the crossroads of three continents, Dubai serves as a key global trade and transportation hub, providing access to diverse markets.


Our services

Our offshore company formation services in Dubai offer expert advice and support for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business. We offer comprehensive guidance on company registration, opening bank accounts and obtaining visas to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.


Company registration

Bank account opening

Visa assistance



A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity created for a specific purpose, such as acquiring and managing assets or mitigating risks. SPVs are often used by companies to shield financial risks, protect their core business and access financing opportunities. SPVs are often used by companies to shield financial risks, protect their core businesses and access financing opportunities. To set up an SPV, chartered accountants are appointed to complete the necessary documentation, including details of the company's structure and assets. 

There are different types of SPVs, including securitisation vehicles, asset-backed securities and structured investment vehicles. Each type has its own purpose and benefits that address specific business needs.


Benefits of an SPV

Separate your personal assets from the company's assets

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An SPV allows you to separate your personal assets from the company's assets. This crucial distinction shields your personal finances from the company's obligations and liabilities.

Provide a layer of protection against potential liabilities. 

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By creating an SPV, you establish an additional layer of protection against potential legal and financial liabilities. This added security can safeguard your personal wealth in case of unforeseen business challenges.

Offer flexibility in terms of ownership structure 

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SPVs provide flexibility in structuring ownership, accommodating various stakeholders and investment arrangements. This versatility is advantageous for businesses with complex ownership structures or partnerships.

Load efficiency

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Dubai's favorable tax environment can enhance tax efficiency for your SPV. The city's tax policies can be tailored to minimize tax burdens, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking tax optimization.


Our expert Special Purpose Vehicle incorporation services

For business owners looking to buy, sell or manage risk-related assets, we offer specialised advisory and incorporation services. To keep your SPV in compliance with legislation and successfully achieve its objectives, we also offer ongoing management services. 


Creation of an entity

Corporate governance


Ongoing management