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What to do in Dubai in your free time - Top 5 Tips 2021

July 3, 2021
Amal Eeckhout

When you think of Dubai, you think of the most modern, high buildings, sun, sea, and luxury. You might have heard about the very attractive business climate in Dubai due to the tax benefits. You can imagine starting your business in Dubai and becoming successful by being smart and working hard. But what to do in Dubai in your spare time?

Entrepreneurs in Dubai make sure they enjoy their free time. They enjoy the many activities that Saudi Arabia offers. From a relaxing weekend on a luxury yacht or an adventurous camel ride through the red dunes, to a visit to the spectacular Underwater Zoo. Evenings are spent relaxing and top quality meals.

Are you toying with the idea of ​​starting a business in Dubai and wondering what to do in Dubai in your spare time? Read our top 5 tips that we have collected for you!

rent an yacht in dubai

Tip 1: Rent a yacht for a weekend

Renting a yacht for a weekend is an absolute luxury. Go out with your friends, enjoy the sun, the waves of the blue ocean and delicious food. You can relax in the sun, fish for barracudas and small sharks and enjoy good food. In the evening you can party with your friends until the sun comes up again.

Renting a yacht isn't just a great idea for your weekend off, it offers you an opportunity to conduct business in style. You can rent a yacht for a few hours, enjoy a delicious business lunch and open the way to making great business deals. That is quite different from an old-fashioned business lunch in a restaurant in Europe!

Click here to view the yachts and choose from the many options: Easyjacht.ae

grand prix formula 1 in dubai

Tip 2: Visit the Grand Prix Formula 1 in Jeddah

Always wanted to experience a Formula 1 race? Then this is your chance that you should definitely grab. From 3 to 5 December 2021, the Formula 1 races will be held on the Jeddah Circuit.

Tickets for this race are currently on presale. There are several choices for this three-day event. For example, you can buy a grandstand ticket where you can see the entire race from start to finish, including the last, super-fast part of the race track. During the weekend you can visit the F1 Paddock Club and enjoy the view of the Red Sea, the drivers, and celebrities in style. Of course, as a ticket holder, you have access to live concerts and festivals that take place on the F1 Circuit in the evening.

For more information about these spectacular races, visit saudiarabiangp

golf in dubai

Tip 3: Play golf in Dubai

Golf enthusiasts can find the best golf courses in the world in the UAE. There is a choice of many golf clubs that vary in price and offer.

For a top-notch luxury golf club, head to Trump International in Dubai. Here you can indulge in style on an 18-hole Championship Standard Course or a 9-hole floodlit par 3 course. Of course, equipped with all the world-class comforts.

If you want to spend an afternoon playing golf with friends or your family and keep it affordable, Top Golf Dubai is a good choice. This club offers many activities for young and old, from golf courses for beginners and children to team-building events for companies. You can also enjoy delicious snacks and healthy drinks here.

If you think that waves in Dubai are too hot under the sun, opt for the twilight round or only do your round after the sun has set. The good lighting helps you to increase your golf handicap!

deepest pool in dubai

Tip 4: Diving in the deepest pool in the world

This is the newest attraction in Dubai, diving in the deepest diving pool in the world at Deep Dive Dubai. This pool is 60 meters deep with a sunken city built at the bottom. Wonderful for experienced divers to explore!

Here you can not only explore but also improve your diving techniques and make beautiful film recordings. The water is clear and has a pleasant temperature of 30°C, so you will certainly not get cold. It is also kept clean with the latest technologies and there are many cameras to protect your safety.

Besides scuba diving, you can also snorkel and do freediving. Courses are offered for ages from 10 years.

See all about this wonderful initiative at DeepDiveDubai.com.

camping in deserts of dubai

Tip 5: Stargazing during a camping weekend

Do you want to get away from the city and enjoy the peace and beautiful starry skies? Then go camping for a weekend and rent a professional telescope. For astronomers and hobby stargazers, this is a unique experience that should be on your Bucket List! Above the desert, the night sky is incredibly beautiful. You are not bothered by light pollution, so you can see very far into the universe.

At Sharjah's Mleiha Archaeological Center, you can book 2 hours for a private session or group event at select locations that are most convenient. Under expert guidance, you can use a high-definition telescope that opens up the universe to you.

For an unforgettable desert adventure, visit Mleiha Archaeological Center for more information

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