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What is the cost of living in Dubai for expats?

October 5, 2022
Amal Eeckhout
cost of living in dubai

What is the cost of living in Dubai for expats?

If you're interested in relocating to Dubai, you'll want to be properly informed beforehand. Whether you're moving to Dubai as an entrepreneur or as an employee, it's useful to know about the cost of living in Dubai for expats.

Cost of living in Dubai dropped in 2021

Like the rest of the world, Dubai has been affected by COVID-19. Measures to reduce the spread of the virus have resulted in less income generated. The tourism sector - and therefore many attractions, hotels, and restaurants - is most affected. The authorities are providing financial assistance to businesses that are in need, and to accommodate residents, they have reduced the cost of living in Dubai by 2021.

Cost of living in Dubai in comparison to other countries

cost of living index

Living expenses in Dubai are lower than in Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, London, or Sydney. In addition, when you consider that in Dubai you don't have to pay taxes on your company's profits and that you can hire good employees for comparatively low hourly wages, then Dubai is an appealing place to live. On top of that, in Dubai you can enjoy beautiful weather, luxurious settings and good contacts you can develop with expats from all kinds of countries.

Cost of living differences between Dubai and Amsterdam

If you would like to maintain the same standard of living you have in Amsterdam - assuming you rent a house or apartment - then Dubai is more affordable. If you are used to living on a net income of € 4.900 in Amsterdam, you will spend about € 3.900 in Dubai. That is a difference of 1000 euros per month!

A brief overview of the differences in cost of living between Amsterdam and Dubai

  • Consumer prices in Dubai are 23,55% lower than in Amsterdam (without rent)
  • Consumer prices in Dubai are 20.78% lower than in Amsterdam (including rent)
  • Dubai rents are 16.18% lower than in Amsterdam
  • Restaurant prices in Dubai are 20.25% lower than in Amsterdam
  • Prices for Groceries in Dubai are 25.65% lower than in Amsterdam
  • Local purchasing power in Dubai is 15,27% higher than in Amsterdam

Cost of living in Dubai compared to Amsterdam in 2021

The prices below are in Euro's

cost of restaurants in dubai
cost of supermarkets in dubai
cost of transport in dubai
cost of sports, leisure, childcare and clothes in dubai
cost of residency in dubai

Renting an apartment in Dubai for expats

The most popular apartments in Dubai where expats like to hire are located at the Jumeirah Lakes Tower (JLT). It is a vibrant neighborhood where you can easily make great connections with other expats. Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), and the Old Town of Dubai are also popular and have comparable rental rates.

Rents in these popular areas are relatively high when compared to the rest of Dubai. The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in JLT is around €15,300 per year or €1280 per month. Despite these rental prices, expats prefer to live in these areas. Here, there are plenty of nearby amenities to meet their needs and a fine community to engage in social activities.

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