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8 ideas for a successful business in Dubai - UAE

July 2, 2021
Amal Eeckhout

More and more people think about starting a business in the United Arab Emirates. This makes sense, as the UAE's tax-friendly climate makes it easy to make profit. It is also an excellent base for your business to grow internationally. Many people wonder which business is best to start in Dubai or which businesses are most profitable in Dubai. In this article we will give you 8 ideas for a successful business in Dubai and UAE.

1. Travel agency for Tourism and Business Travel to Dubai

Dubai is a tourist destination par excellence. With magnificent architectural buildings, luxury hotels, beautiful beaches and an extraordinary culture, Dubai has a huge attraction for many people from all around the world. Over the first 5 months of this year, Dubai has welcomed 2.06 million tourists and that is despite the global travel restrictions! Per year, it reaches over 16.5 million tourists. Therefore, in this industry it is very much possible to launch a successful business in the UAE.

Starting a travel agency in Dubai is also a great idea to support companies around the world for business travel. Organizations are happy to outsource the arranging of flights, transportation, visas, hotels, meeting venues, and other matters. In addition, business travel is increasing significantly as more international companies are being launched in Dubai.

Contact us at Emifast to discuss this idea, what you need in order to make it happen, and what might be a suitable location for your travel agency in Dubai.

2. Real Estate Agency - Houses and Apartments Rental in Dubai

Since Dubai attracts many businesspeople who regularly do business or have started a business in VAE, there is also a high demand for assistance in finding suitable housing. Therefore, opening a real estate agency to meet this demand is definitely an idea to consider.

If you want to know how you can be a real estate agent in Dubai and what you need to establish a real estate agency, schedule a meeting with us so that we can help you with the right information.

3. Constructions and Infrastructure

It is well known that Dubai invests heavily in building new residential spaces, hotels, business centers, shopping malls, event halls, industrial facilities and roads. If you are already the owner of a construction company, then it might be worth considering expanding your business to the UAE.

With the opportunities you have with your construction material suppliers, this can be a very lucrative option for making your construction business internationally successful.

Even if you don't have a construction business yet, construction and/or the infrastructure industry is a smart sector to invest in. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

4. IT and Smart Technology

Dubai is investing heavily in state-of-the-art buildings that utilize smart technology. With the Smart Dubai 2021 campaign, Dubai aims to become the technological city of the future. To achieve this goal, more than 1200 start-ups in the IT sector in the VAE, are all working towards achieving this goal.

If you have experience with smart technology and you are entrepreneurial, then this is another very good opportunity to start a successful company in Dubai.

5. Marketing and Advertising Agency

Dubai spends billions of dollars a year on digital advertising. There is a tremendous amount of work available when it comes to pitching good marketing campaigns and creating rock-solid advertising campaigns.

If you are located in Dubai with a marketing agency and have established a good reputation, you could be the owner of a highly successful business.

In addition to a marketing agency, you might also think about building a company that deals primarily with website and app development, international SEO, SEM, marketing and PR. With these you can increase your brand awareness and possibly pave a way for starting a marketing agency that will get you the big contracts for digital advertising.

6. Business Consultancy

With so much business activity in the UAE, there is also a high demand for solid business information. These inquiries come in from people who want to start a business in Dubai, as well as from companies established in the area. Every business has to comply with numerous laws and regulations which they need sound advice for. In addition, entrepreneurs also have to deal with matters in the private sphere, such as obtaining a visa for their partner and/or children, acquiring a driver's license, etcetera.

Emifast is a business consulting firm that is specialized in Dubai and UAE. If you too want to run a successful business consultancy in Dubai, we have all the information you need - including the information we have gained from our own experiences!

7. Restaurant or Catering Service for International Businesses in Dubai

With all the expats, foreign workers and entrepreneurs, opening a restaurant in Dubai is definitely one of the business opportunities that can be very successful. People staying abroad for a long time are great customers of restaurants which offer a menu with international dishes of high quality.

You can also consider combining your restaurant with catering services for business lunches and corporate events held by the international companies based there. KPMG, L'Oreal, Barclays, and PwC are among the major companies based in the UAE. You may well get these organizations as regular customers in your restaurant or provide their conferences and events with your services as a dedicated caterer!

8. Accounting and Financial Services

If you have a background in finance, then you are perfectly capable of starting an accounting firm in Dubai. You can provide your services to start-ups and smaller companies based in the UAE by handling their tax returns, financial statements, audits and financial administration.

For the necessary licenses to become an entrepreneur in Dubai, you can schedule an appointment directly with us. We are happy to help you with everything you need to become successful in Dubai!

Follow the big international companies and start a successful business in Dubai!

In this article we have listed 8 ideas for a successful business in Dubai. In such a country where developments and expansion are going hard and where many international companies have established their headquarters, the opportunities are plentiful. Not only for the ideas mentioned, but for many more. Think of industries such as fashion, retail, cleaning, beauty specialists, healthcare, e-commerce, delivery services and many more.

If you are considering moving your business to Dubai or establishing a business in the UAE, schedule an interview and we will provide you with all the information you need to realize your ambitions!