Helping entrepreneurs radically reduce their taxes, protect their assets, and find freedom in an increasingly dangerous world.

Move to Dubai within 60 days and reduce your tax bill by up to 91%!

Tired of government constantly taxing you more and giving you less? Not happy handing over half of your hard-earned money – only for politicians to waste it?

Then perhaps it is time for you to join tens of thousands of successful entrepreneurs in moving themselves - and their businesses - to the thriving city of Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates (Dubai) rolls out the red carpet for business owners: It offers one of the lowest tax rates in the world, along with a range of residency programs for business owners like you. Company tax is just 9% (or even less!), and your personal income is completely tax-free.

And besides Dubai, there are many other places where you can significantly reduce your taxes – even within Europe! it's time to take action. Fill out our questions and see what your options are.‌

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Our comprehensive relocation and business setup services are only for:
Entrepreneurs and/or investors who are willing to relocate
Businesses that make at least $5,000 per month in profit
Business owners who don't have to be in the same location as their clients
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Our expertise goes beyond tax optimization

we are your next step to success!


We handle literally everything,
from arranging international
movers to enrolling
your kids in school.



Our team of international tax experts help you to derive maximum tax benefit within the confines of the law.



We help you identify the
best residency program
and apply with ease



We get you set up with fast
company formation,
tax registration, accounting
services and office space



We have strong relationships
with Dubai’s international
banks and can help you
get you set up fast.



Boasting a trusted network
of real estate professionals,
our in-house buyers’ agents
can help you find the perfect home



You’ve worked hard for
your success – our asset
protection solutions help you
protect things that matter.

Over 3,000 entrepreneurs successfully relocated to Dubai and now benefit from our tailormade tax structuring solutions.

Taking a multi-dimensional, all-of-life approach to relocation and business setup, we help our clients get settled and thrive in Dubai.

See what our clients are saying about our services below…


Customer service on point

Professional, fast, customer service on point. Mr Joren helped and followed me very well

Nicholas H

Such a good experience

Praise the lord for a company like Emifast. Never had such a good experience and fast help when needed (24/7 support). Keep the good work going!

Florian H

The best there is

Very good service, they work exactly as promised. Joren was a very helpful person who was always reachable. The best there is in their domain. We can recommend this company

Jasper M

Fast and professional

The best experience I could have ever had! Fast and really professional everything. Im so glad I chose them to set my company in Dubai. 100% recommended.

Santiago R

Excellent service

From our first contact with Joren in Belgium, everything went very satisfactorily. Excellent service, doing what they promise, smooth handling, service-oriented, approachable, efficient and comfortable procedure and handling. Ore in Dubai also works very efficiently and customer-friendly.We can recommend this company

Stephan B

Highly recommended

The Emifast team helped me perfectly during the whole process, all the steps were super clear and it went even faster than I thought! What I really like is that I can always contact them if I have questions! I am super grateful for this opportunity! Thanks for everything Emifast and I will definitely recommend you to my business partners!!!

Mitch T

Friendly, fast, and clear

Very nice collaboration with Emifast. If you are looking for a professional company for your emigration and to have your registration outsourced, Emifast is the right place for you. Friendly, fast, and clear. In short; the best choice in my opinion.

Mark D

Great experience

It was a great experience working with Emifast to setup my company. Thanks to Joren for proactive help during the licensing phase and Ore for facilitating the visa process. I was constantly kept updated with the status of various processes and all my queries were responded immediately. I recommend Emifast to anyone who has taken the step to go to Dubai and wants to do so without any worries!

Faziel R

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